In a recent interview, Kavana agreed that Celebrity Big Brother runner-up Katie Hopkins is a gay icon.

Katie Hopkins, who came runner up to Katie Price in Celebrity Big Brother, has often maintained that it is her ambition to become a gay icon, has received the thumbs up from openly gay singer Kavana.

When asked if Katie could achieve her dream of becoming a gay icon, Kavana said, “oh course, she was wearing Hot Pink and American tan tights last night…”

Katie, the controversial former Apprentice Star went into the Celebrity Big Brother house as the ‘most hated woman in Britain’ however managed to win over millions of fans, achieving second place to Katie Price.

Kavana also backed Alexandra O’Neal after he used an anti-gay slur against Perez Hilton, before removing himself from the Big Brother house earlier in the series. He called Perez a “silly assed f*ggot”.

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Speaking on This Morning last week he said, “I’m gay. [O’Neal] didn’t make homophobic remarks,” Kavana said. “It just came out, but he was pushed and pushed and pushed.

“When someone is sat opposite you doing certain things – I won’t go into the action Perez did – but I think he was wise and clever to walk and not put up with it anymore. I respect him for that.”

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Kavana also said that he was planning to work with Alexander on some new material as well as being the wedding singer at Katie Prices forthcoming wedding.

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