The woman who refused to issue marriage licenses to two gay men in Kentucky has been jailed.



The Kentucky Clerk, who refused to issue marriage licenses to two men has spent the night in jail. She was led away by US marshals for breaking a court ordered ruling that makes same-sex marriage legal in the US.


Same-sex marriage was legalised across all 50 States in June 2015. Denying anyone a marriage license because of their sexual orientation is now illegal.



US District Judge David Bunning remanded Davis to jail and said she would remain there until she agreed to comply with the law.

Ms. Davis has argued that she should be exempt from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her religious beliefs and had argued that under God’s authority, that she was not issuing licenses and had said that the media intrusion was interrupting “her business.”

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Judge Bunning stated that allowing exceptions based on one person’s beliefs would be a dangerous precedent.