When LA Music Award Winner Kris Searle contacted us to say we could pay what we liked to ‘have him’ our minds of course started getting steamed up!

However what Kris meant was you can pay what you like for his new Album release Dawn of Momentum.


Now this will inevitably have the students rushing to get the new album for £0.01, however, I believe that it will also draw the respect and trust of many who will give a fair price for the album. We may live in a World where music is readily available for free, and by free I mean nicked, but I think we should spend a bit of time thinking about the time and money that goes into making these new tracks for our enjoyment. Kris has taken quite a bold step in passing the pricing reins over to us so lets not run off with them…


Dawn of Momentum is available from www.noisetrade.com/krissearleofficial


You can watch the music video for Starfire – the single from Dawn of Momentum here: YouTube

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If you’re a fan of Kris’ then you can also follow him here:


Facebook: www.facebook.com/krissearleofficial

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Twitter: www.twitter.com/krissearle

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