The announcement has been severely ratio'd

The opposition party said it was “excited” to announce it was going to be marching in LGBT+ Prides across the UK on Twitter but blocked anyone from replying to their tweet.

The UK’s Labour Party has said that it will be appearing on Pride marches across the UK in 2023. In a tweet sent late last night (18 April 2023 at 11.54PM) the LGBT+ section of the party, LGBTLabour, announced that it was planning to join marches in cities including, Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester and London.


However, it closed off replies to the tweet meaning that followers were unable to air their views on the announcement. However the Tweet itself has been ratio’d, it has only recieved 74 likes (at time of publish) but over 709 Quotes.

THEGAYUK examined the first 100 quotes and found that all were responding negatively to the announcement.


Despite replies being turned off for the Tweet, Twitter users could reply via “Quotes” and many, many users were very unhappy about Labour joining Pride marches.

Labour, led by Sir Keir Starmer, is facing heightened scrutiny regarding their stance on LGBTQ+ issues, particularly those relating to transgender individuals.

In early April, Starmer received criticism for his statement regarding female sex organs, in which he stated that it is “completely biological” for 99.9% of women. Additionally, Labour faced backlash from LGBTQ+ activists for expressing support of the Equality Human Rights Commission’s proposed review of the UK’s Equality Act, which seemingly advocated for a definition of “sex” as biological, potentially impacting both cis and trans individuals negatively.

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Trans activists cautioned against such a change in definition, arguing that it could adversely affect their lives. At Easter, Starmer generated further controversy for meeting with a Manchester church leader with anti-LGBTQ+ links. This was not the first instance of such controversy, as he previously visited Jesus House in London in 2021.

Now users on Twitter are user “Quotes” to share their distain for Labour

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