In a recent interview with TheGayUK Asifa Lahore Britain’s first out Muslim drag queen said that Drag queens had an obligation to do more for visibility in the LGBT community including doing sex education in schools.

Speaking exclusively to THEGAYUK, Asifa Lahore, Britian’s most notable Muslim drag queen said that she was tired of seeing modern drag queens “party party party”, and said that drag queens should be part of the LGBT community’s journey to visibility and acceptance including visibility for transgender people and intersex people. She said,



“If we go into any public school, I still don’t think that education is there in terms of LGBT sex education or education in itself, since the documentary I’ve been invited to numerous schools….

TGUK: So sex education by drag queens?

AL: Yeah! I do think that is something that we could do. I refuse to believe now 20-something drag queens are just party party party – what’s the point? You can do that as a boy!”


Lahore’s statement comes on the back of the news that new HIV infections amongst the gay, bisexual and MSM community hits an all time high with 3360 news infections in 2014 – 110 higher than the previous year.



When asked about the role that drag queens could take in leading the community forward on visibility and acceptance Lahore continued,

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“When I look at my generation of drag, the twenty something’s, it’s literally just party party party, club hosting, door whore and I do really think there’s a waste there because I think drag could be used better. I don’t want to get into this area where okay we’re so relaxed being LGBT, there’s actually so much more that needs to be done.”


Read the full interview with Asifa Lahore in the new issue of THEGAYUK out now on iTunes and on Android

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