Lance Bass

So what is Lance Bass doing to stop sweating through his clothes?

Lance Bass
CREDIT: ©-Jean_Nelson-Depositphotos

In pictures posted to social media Lance Bass is seen taking drastic measures to stop underarm sweating through his clothing. Yes, he’s having botox injected into his arms pits and it looks super painful.

The former boy bander joked, that he should be putting the injections into his forehead, but putting it into his arm pits saves him a fair few $$$’s in dry cleaning!

“I should be putting #Botox in my forehead , but putting it under my arms saves a lot of wardrobe under the hot lights”

Botox is known to stop the sweat glands from producing sweat for around six months at a time and can be useful to control excessive sweating. You can use Botox to stop sweating in your palms too!


Fans were quick to comment on the picture with one telling the star that he was “brave” while another, clearly excited by the sight of Lance’s pits said, “I’m just glad you showed your pit!”