Long-time LBC presenter Iain Dale has slammed Ivan Massow’s latest mayoral campaign video as “buttock-clenchingly awful”.

The out LBC presenter Iain Dale tweeted his disapproval of Ivan Massow‘s latest mayoral campaign video calling it “possibly the worst campaign video” he had ever seen.



Comments for the video have been disabled on YouTube but that didn’t stop Iain Dale having at pop at Massow, calling the campaign “buttock-clenchingly awful”.

In an interview with THEGAYUK Ivan Massow told us: Having spent the last year “visiting various London institutions… hospices, meals on wheels, homeless shelters, tube digs…And every Housing Association in London…developers, [and] planning departments” and he is now keen to take this a step further, over the course of a month, he wants to spend each night staying with a different London-based family, to find out what bugs London about London.


In direct response to Dale, Massow tweeted: “the idea is to hear from Londoners directly about their own area.”

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