Yet another LGBT+ media outlet is closing.

In a blow to the LGBT+ media market, Birmingham based title, Midland Zone is set to close.

The magazine, which has been in print since 1997 was a free pickup magazine available in LGBT+ bars and spaces across the Midlands. It had, according to its own stats, had 60,000 magazine readers.


Over the years it has had had a myriad of LGBT+ icons grace its covers including, Boy George, Saara Aalto and Lily Savage.

In a statement on its official Facebook page, Midlands Zone wrote,

“Rather than dwelling on yet another business being seriously affected by the coronavirus pandemic, we would instead like you to join us in focusing on and CELEBRATING the 23 glorious years we have enjoyed together.


“The decision to cease Midlands Zone at the end of August was actually made a few weeks ago – and will explain why we’ve been reminiscing in recent weeks with video posts of the Pride Ball over the years.

“So please celebrate with us all the fantastic times we’ve had together. And who knows, Midlands Zone may well be back at some point in the future with new publishers (talks with several interested parties are currently ongoing, so watch this space!).”

Former Attitude editor Matthew Todd wrote, “Sorry to hear that. Had some great times with you all in Birmingham over the years.”

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While, LGBT+ Advocate, Khakan Qureshi said, “Sorry to see you go. Hopefully, new publishers will be found. Good luck with all your future endeavours.”

LGBT Media closures

In 2019 THEGAYUK reported how LGBT+ media has continued to decline in recent years, there have been at least 10 closures of titles including, GayStarNews, Polari Magazine and the Grindr online outlet, Into. However GayStarNews was bought by a marketing company and rebranded as GSN and started republishing earlier this year.

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