Decoding what CBT means on a guy's profile

If you ever see the acronym “CBT” on a guy’s profile, it’s all about the cock and balls… and the torturing of them

CBT stands for Cock and Ball torture if you see it on a dating or hook up app like Grindr. Otherwise, it probably stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Some guys are into having their junk tortured and there’s a whole host of toys out there to help you out if that is your thing. They could include chastity devices, which makes it impossible to touch your D – like a cock cage or even ejaculate, with a sperm stopper.

Some guys are into electro play or even being locked up in a humbler.

CBT play can range from light tickling with a feather to kicking or punching the area. It can go as far as hardcore CBT action where a dom could end up nailing or screwing scrotums to wooden boards.

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If you are going to explore this, it’s wise to have a safe word and if there’s likely to be blood drawn from play, to use gloves and antiseptic wipes.

There are serious safety issues to be concerned about and there is a lot of risk to the penis and testicles if play goes too far. Serious injuries include rupture (where you could burst or tear a testicle), torsion (where the spermatic cord gets twisted and cuts off blood supply) and avulsion (where a testicle is ripped off) which will all need medical attention immediately.

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