Aussie hunk, Lockie Chapman is leaving the million-selling vocal group after "difficult decision".

Aussie hunk, Lockie Chapman is leaving the million-selling vocal group, The Overtones, after “difficult decision”.

Lockie Chapman, who is known for his deep bass voice in the vocal group, The Overtones, is set to leave the group after “careful consideration” saying that it was time for him to move on.

The group broke onto the music scene in 2009 and Lockie was one of the founding members of the group.

Speaking to about his decision to leave Lockie said, “It has been a very difficult decision and has taken much careful consideration, but the time has come for me to move on. I hope you will understand. I was one of five boys given a chance at a lucky break, and my goodness, how we ran with that ball! My finest memories have been made and they are countless. I have so much love for the Overtones, for Darren, Mike, Mark and our dearest friend Timmy Matley and the memories we have made and shared together”

Lockie said of the news. “I know the boys will carry on delighting audiences everywhere as The Overtones always have and long may they reign. My heart is beating with pride for them. I have so much love and thanks for our devoted and loyal fans – the love and respect you have given us means you will always be in my heart. Always, always. You have truly been the making of my first decade in the UK and I must now journey on into the adventures and excitements of my next decade. We shall see. We will meet again at a microphone, a stage or a screen near you soon”

Lockie took to Instagram to inform the band’s fans, with a simple handwritten note,

Talking about the future Darren Everest, Mike Crawshaw and Mark Franks added ,“We are excited about our next chapter too and, to our fans, rest assured that The Overtones will continue to make you smile, sing and dance in the aisles for many years to come. We have some big news coming soon so stay tuned because there are exciting times ahead”

Tickets for the concert on Saturday May 4th 2019 at Shanklin Theatre, Isle Of Wight are available from

With their innate charm and adherence to vintage-modernist style, and a devotion to the timeless appeal of male vocal harmonies, The Overtones are a bridge between pre-rock’n’roll classicism and lively 21st Century entertainment. They’ve sold over a million albums, made countless TV appearances and filled venues to capacity on tour after tour, all the while building a relationship with their fans that has real depth and devotion.

In 2018 the group released their sixth album ‘The Overtones’. The first to be released as a quartet following the death of Timmy Matley, the record was a celebration of life, the friendship between the band mates, and the power of the voice. The accompanying 24 date sold-out tour took that sense of celebration and party on the road with the group and their band living up to the promise of “a night to remember”. That’s the tradition they come from and they’re certainly not about to stop now.

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