Lead singer from The Overtones, Timmy Matley has died at the age of 36.

Singer from The Overtones, Timmy Matley has died at the age of 36.

Timmy (second from the right) has died at the age of 36.

Out singer, Timmy Matley has died, at the age of 36, after a battle with cancer. A statement from the band said that the remaining band members, Lachie, Darren, Mark and Mike, was “heartbreaking”.

“It is with the greatest sadness that we have to announce that our dear friend and brother Timmy has passed away. We know this news will be as heartbreaking for you all as it is for us. We appreciate your love and support at this difficult time. Mike, Darren, Mark & Lachie x”

Issue 1 The Overtones TheGayUK
The Overtones appeared on the first ever issue of THEGAYUK digital magazine. (Timmy is the second from the right)

He was best known for singing the high notes in the band.

He was diagnosed with stage three malignant melanoma in 2016, however, it’s not clear how Timmy died.

Speaking to THEGAYUK.com in 2013, Timmy spoke about sexuality (three of the five members of the band were gay) stating, “I’m so proud of where we’re at and that we can, as a band, do an interview with you and talk about it first of all, and for there to be no mention about it or strategy at the label. It’s 2013 and we’re so comfortable in our workplace. To be who we are. We’re never told to be anything else but ourselves and I’m very proud of that. We never get any jip for it. When we first started I was a bit nervous.”

Timmy Matley first on the right.

X Factor winner, Sam Bailey who appeared with the band on their third album, Tweeted, “This is so very sad!!! What an amazing voice! Such a loss!!! Here for you guys x anything you need xx”

Philip Schofield also paid tribute saying, “I’m so terribly sorry to hear this and sending lots of love to you all and particularly Timmy’s family and his many friends”

The singer was due, along with his bandmates to go on tour in the summer of 2018. They announced the tour earlier in March.

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Together they released 5 albums, each reaching the Top 40, and sold over a million records in the UK.


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