Premiums for male motorists have risen by almost double that of females compared to this time last year.

  • – Car insurance premium prices up in Q3 2014 vs Q3 2013 – first year on year rise since 2011 peak

  • – MoneySuperMarket urges drivers to compare insurers to find the best deal for them

Male motorists have been hit the hardest by rising car insurance prices, as year-on-year their premiums have increased by 3.2 percent, almost double the 1.8 percent increase for women, according to the latest analysis from MoneySuperMarket.

The UK’s number one comparison site analysed 55 million car insurance quotes run on the site between April 2010 and September 2014, and found the average premium for male drivers has increased £14 from £425 in Q3 2013, to £439 on average this year. This compares to a £6 increase for women, with cover now costing £360, up from £354.

This is despite the ECJ gender neutral ruling coming into force in December 2012. This prevents insurers charging men and women different amounts purely on the basis of their gender.

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Overall, car insurance premiums are up across the board when looking at Q3 premiums for all drivers, over the last three years. Premiums were flying high in Q3 2011, with a peak average price of £512 a year. This fell steadily – dropping to £456 on average in Q3 2012, and bottoming out at a wallet-friendly £394 in Q3 2013. This year has sadly seen the first premium price increase for all drivers, with overall premiums rising to £401 for annual cover at the end of September.

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Kevin Pratt, Car Insurance Expert at MoneySuperMarket said,

“Premium prices do fluctuate, and while we’ve been in a deflationary market for car cover for the last few years, costs are now creeping back up. What is surprising is that, despite the fact that gender neutral pricing has been in place in the car insurance market for several years, it turns out that men are still paying more. Insurers look at a wide range of factors when calculating premiums, such as postcode, profession, make of vehicle, driving history and points on a licence. Clearly, for whatever reasons, men are registering higher when it comes to insurer risk profiling, and they’re paying more than women as a result.

“For car insurance, the key message is always to keep an eye on your renewal premium, and always to shop around and seek out the best possible deal for your circumstances. With premium prices currently trending upwards, it is even more important to make sure you aren’t paying over the odds on your renewal.”

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