What does mangina mean?

The word Mangina seemingly has a few meanings and its ability to cause offense depends on who is using the word, why they are using it and how. Or to put it simply, the context in which the word is used.

Is Mangina offensive to say?

According to Dictionary.com Mangina is actually an insult or slur against any man who is perceived to be effeminate or any guy who identifies as a feminist. It can also be used, according to the site, as an insult to the genitals of persons of all gender identities.

This definition is also backed up by Urban Dictionary who have a few definitions for the word.

is mangina offensive?

However, within the gay community and particularly sexually active guys, Mangina can be used as a descriptor for a guy’s butt hole. It is a combination of the word man and vagina. In this context, it is not a slur or an insult especially when used by a guy about his own genitals or body or sexual preference.

One example of this was when Celebrity Big Brother star, Austin Armacost referred to his own “mangina” after a commentator wrote, “vagina” on a naked picture he posted.

Another word to describe a bottom’s bottom might be bussy which is a combination of the word boy and pussy.

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