He's nekkid... again

Yep, he called it that…

It’s been a while since we’ve heard or seen anything from the Celebrity Big Brother star, but he certainly got his fans feeling the thirst with a saucy pic on his Instagram feed.


Sitting completely naked in his bath, Austin Armacost wrote that he was in his happy place, despite not being in his native USA, to celebrate Thanks Giving last week due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic.

Instead he was celebrating it at his west-Yorkshire home.

He wrote, that he “should be gobbling on turkey and pumpkin pie” but would make do with a hot bath.


In and amongst the dozens of replies to the picture one of his commentators, simply replied, “Vagina” to which the ever-sassy Austin quipped, “it is a MANgina darling”.

Austin is no stranger to a bit of nudity, back in the Celebrity Big Brother days, for which he starred in the show twice, would be usually one of the first to strip off and jump into the pool.

Since his time on TV, he has kept his fans excited with plenty of nudity, like this, this and this.


So what do you think about his Mangina? Ever heard of the expression before.

What does Mangina mean?

It is a combination of the word man and vagina and in this context, it is not a slur or an insult, but a word to liken a guy’s ass to a vagina. However for some the word mangina can be extremely offensive.

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