Marc Jacobs has posted a “shameless” photo of him in his birthday suit, despite it not being his birthday!

World-renowned fashion designer, Marc Jacobs has been keeping his fans occupied with an eyeful in one of his latest Instagram posts, with a rather cheeky birthday suit photo.

The photo, which has already been liked by over 76,000 people shows the designer in the all together and fans are loving the sight.

He captioned the picture with “Birthday suit realness – it is not my bday”. Thousands of fans took to Instagram to share their thirst for the picture.

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Sober and thankful

Marc also took the time to share that he is actually sober after one fan questioned whether the 56-year-old was sober or not. Answering the question Marc said, “I am. COMPLETELY. And, I am what I am”.


Of course, Marc isn’t a stranger to the occasional naked picture. Back in 2015 he rather famously “accidentally” flashed his penis to the world.