There’s so much information out there about how to look after your skin. We are bombarded with adverts about youth serums, daily regimes and scientific words that we can hardly pronounce. With all that info are we really any closer to understanding what is best for our skin and what actually works?


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I’ll admit it; I’m a skin fanatic, but not a skin expert. All I know is that I moisturise daily (I used to have moisturiser parties with my flatmate – I kid you not), I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke, I extoll the use of daily sun cream, even when it’s cloudy and I’m barely seen without a glass of cool, refreshing water in my hand. Okay, I may have exaggerated my water tendencies, but the results speak for themselves. Even though I’m in my 30s, there’s not a crow foot to be seen and my frown lines are rousing rather than Ramsay, and on occasion I’m still asked for ID when buying my non-alcoholic beers in Sainsbury’s. Not too bad, but it’s more likely to be down to good genetics rather than my dictator-esque sunblock tendencies, but it’s not always about genetics, we can help our skin along with our daily routines.

My pusher (AKA beauty PR Amanda) mentions in passing that she has a new client, Face The Future; I can feel my spidey senses tingling. She tells me that the range of products they sell are beyond any other retailer/clinic in the UK, because they’re not beholden to any one brand. They believe in the product that’s right for you, not necessarily the brand that’s right for their bottom line. Because it’s a clinic rather than just an off –the-shelf retailer many of the products are cosmeceutical cosmetics rather than just cosmetics. Simply cosmeceuticals cosmetics are products that have or claim to have medicinal properties. Any claims the product makes, have to have actual medical proof to back up those claims.

My pusher sets me up with a Skype consultation with Chloe Maundrill, and I am told to send a picture of my “problem” areas before our allotted time.

Our consultation lasts around an hour and Chloe, extremely knowledgeable and extremely personable, takes time to explain that because of the ‘face to face’ nature of my consultation, that Face The Future could offer better skin solutions

than the off the self-options that you’ll find in supermarkets.

We talk at length about my personal cleansing, moisturising and general skin habits. As I rang off she promised me that a bag full of goodies, personalised to my skin and to my personal skin goals, would be leaving their clinic later that day.

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In a follow up email Chloe told me that she had mixed a personalised moisturiser called Dermaviduals Prescriptive High Classic, which contains vitamin A for anti aging, vitamin C for lightening and brightening of the skin. It also strengthens the capillary walls and is known for its antioxidant properties. The moisturizer also contains Kiwi seed oil for its omega 3 and 6 properties and some hyaluronic acid for its plumping effect.

She also packed a matt finish broad spectrum 32 SPF sun cream. I insisted it had to be matt finish. So many sun blocks just sit on your skin and give you that ghostly Casper sweaty pig look. The sun cream was the oil free Image Skincare prevention + daily matt moisturizer. I can honestly say this is the best sun protection I’ve ever used. Smell gorgeous and applies like a dream.

She also packed a SkinCeuticals blemish and age cleansing gel for mornings and nights, which would help decongest the skin to leave it flake and grease free.

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Also in my package was a 0.3 mm dermaroller for at home use. She tells me to use it every other night for three minutes, starting with light pressure until I build confidence. Every other night seems a little over kill for me. I am a fan of dermaroller treatments, but doing it at home, without a anesthetic is only just about tolerable I won’t lie, but as they say, no pain, no gain.

So a month on, how am I looking? Well my skin feels well hydrated without being greasy, my face pain threshold has increased from all that dermarolling and I finally I have the sun prevention that I’ve been longing for. Win win and win.
Image Skincare Prevention 91ml    £39.00
Dermaviduals Prescriptive High Classic 50ml    £34.00
Skinceuticals Cleansing gel 250mls    £22.00
Dermaroller    0.3mm £56.00

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