Michelle Visage Fell Out With Perez Because He Stopped Returning Her Emails

9th January 2015 0 By News Desk

It turns out Michelle Visage was a fan of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton until he gave her the cold shoulder.

Camp vamp Michelle Visage hit out at Perez Hilton today because he started ignoring her emails. Michelle said that she was big supporter of Perez until he took a “dark turn” and got big headed. It was around that time that Hilton stopped answering her emails. Perez Hilton is celebrating 10-years of running his famous blog PerezHilton.com. He started the blog on his laptop in his local coffee shop. The website now enjoys millions of visits a day.

Perez replied that he was a ‘work in progress’. Shady?

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Indeed. Are you team Perez or team Michelle?