After years of controversial rhetoric on the reasons women get their body hair removed, the conversation and focus is once again shifting towards men.

According to a new report out today, record numbers of men are feeling under pressure when it comes to managing their body hair. ‘Manscaping’ – media slang for body hair management for men – is on the rise again with half of British males saying they feel under pressure to groom their body hair. Celebrities such as David Beckham continue to fuel the cult for a cleaner and hair free body.

It’s a trend which is reflected in the growing number of men seeking laser hair removal at Courthouse Clinics. Recent statistics on the breakdown of in-house treatments revealed a 156 percent increase in the number of men getting permanent hair removal since 2009, particularly with men aged 18-35 (59 percent). Almost half are looking to de-fuzz their back or shoulders, 20 percent their chest or abdomen, and 15 percent get rid of hair on their cheek and beard areas.

A survey in 2012 showed that 77% of men aged 18-34 admitted to a bit of manscaping, with an incredible 97% saying that hey often took the razor to their down under region. 9% admitted to shaving their legs.

Dr Patrick Bowler, Medical Director of Courthouse Clinics comments, ‘Men are increasingly expressing a desire for a hair-free body while looking for less time-consuming methods for body hair maintenance – just like their female counterparts. Advanced technology now means that hair removal can take less than 20 minutes with a treatment such as Alma Lasers’ Soprano Ice, with no pulling, tugging or ripping of the hair. It goes a long way to explaining the rise in popularity for laser hair removal – what was once a painful process is now a gentle treatment, especially compared to waxing which, apart from shaving, was seen as the only alternative for men.’

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Makers of the Soprano ICE, from Alma Lasers, say it is the only laser hair removal solution for year-round application, suitable for use on all skin types, and all types of hair, too. Unlike traditional laser technology, patients who tired Soprano Ice reported it as almost zero pain – a first for laser hair technology.

Soprano ICE cools the skin with a sapphire tip to prevent any burns to the skin as the laser penetrates the dermis. This means patients feel no discomfort at any point throughout the procedure, and still get the best possible results. Multiple clinical studies conducted by leading dermatologists confirm Soprano ICE’s status as safer and equally or more effective compared to other lasers. Soprano ICE can also be used to treat small and difficult to target areas like the eyebrows, nose and ears making it the ideal treatment for men.

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Prices start at £35 for a single treatment; courses from £959 (courses available as 3/6/8 treatments)

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