‘He has been mutilated and suffered permanent damage.’

Mother argues boys need protection against "male genital mutilation"
Mother argues boys need protection against “male genital mutilation”

A mother is suing a doctor after her baby son was circumcised, allegedly without her permission. The 26-year-old mother is planning to sue the doctor after her son, was left in pain, bleeding and unable to wear a nappy.

The boy was reportedly taken to the doctor, by his paternal grandmother.


The baby’s parents are separated and the father is not named on the boy’s birth certificate, but was allowed visitations to his son. In 2013 the Nottinghamshire mother left her baby with its father during the Eid festival, and allegedly his mother took the boy to be circumcised, according to The Sunday Times.

Male genital mutilation “an unnecessary assault”

If the boy’s mother is successful, campaigners say that it could open the floodgates to other victims of “male genital mutilation”, who claim that the circumcision procedure was done without their permission as children, before they could decide whether they wanted the operation or not.

The mother claims that her son, neither can be named for legal reasons, was left in pain saying that her son was “mutilated and suffered permanent damage.”


The mother made a complaint to the police and also to the General Medical Council in 2013, when the operation took place, however, the police found there was “insufficient evidence” for a successful prosecution. The mother’s lawyer, Saimo Chahal QC, is seeking to “Crown Prosecution Service’s decision last November not to prosecute”.

Chahal QC said, ‘This mother clearly did not consent to her son undergoing the circumcision procedure, which could constitute a criminal offence.

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‘While some people with religious beliefs see circumcision as normal, there are others who see it as an unnecessary assault which can be physically and psychologically harmful.’

It is currently illegal to perform female genital mutilation. There are no such laws in place for males.

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