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  • ALAN CUMMING | Male circumcision should be treated the same way as FGM

    ALAN CUMMING | Male circumcision should be treated the same way as FGM

    Actor Alan Cumming has slammed the routine mutilation of males, saying that male circumcision should be treated in the same way as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Speaking in The Guardian the actor said that the removal of the foreskin should be treated in the same way that female genital mutilation is treated. [totalpoll id=”117660″] Currently, […]

  • Mother argues boys need protection against “male genital mutilation”

    ‘He has been mutilated and suffered permanent damage.’ A mother is suing a doctor after her baby son was circumcised, allegedly without her permission. The 26-year-old mother is planning to sue the doctor after her son, was left in pain, bleeding and unable to wear a nappy. The boy was reportedly taken to the doctor, […]

  • 7 reasons your penis does not smell so good

    7 reasons your penis does not smell so good

    Is your manhood smelling less than rosy? There might be a number of reasons for that hideous cheesy aroma that’s making all the lads faint… No one wants a smelly penis. So if you’re wondering why yours is smelling so bad, here are some reasons, as always if you’re really concerned about your health then […]

  • THE UNDATEABLE GAY I don’t FORE-SKIN a future with him…

    I’m writing this column at the risk of being called a shallow, vain poof. I’m even scared that people may start hurling rotten potatoes at me in the street. But oh well, I have been called a gay Joan Rivers many a time so I’ll take the risk. I’m hard. Normally in a gay sauna, […]

  • Why does my boyfriend’s penis smell so much?

    So if you like peen – and we’re assuming you do – what happens if your boyfriend has a stinky pinky what can you do about it?   Well one concerned Reddit user asked the internet what could be done about the boyfriend’s stinky junk. The internet was well versed on this problem and wisdom […]

  • ADVICE | Why Does My Foreskin Smell?

    This month a reader is concerned with a smell coming from under his foreskin. Our experts answer his question. Dear TGUK Inside my foreskin. I keep getting a smell from it. Once in the past I was given a cream to sort an area out and it’s that where the smell is coming from. G, […]

  • The Man Who Wants Everyone To Know That Harry Styles Has A Foreskin

    Penis activist wants young American fans of Harry Styles to know that he has a foreskin. Glen Callender is a foreskin crusader and he’s on a mission to ensure that our foreskins stay intact. Speaking about his mission and specifically about One Directions’ Harry Styles he said to Noisey Canada “I think it’s important from […]