★★★★★ | Suzuki SV650X ABS

Suzuki SV650X ABS review

The bike

What we have here is the retro-styled, naked bike called the SV650X. It’s a small capacity, light and nimble naked bike that is just about as much fun as you can have on two wheels.

Suzuki’s SV has been around since 1999 and is more popular than ever. After having this one for a few weeks I can see why. Do you really need a 180bhp sports bike? Who new 75bhp could be so much fun?

Suzuki SV650X ABS review

The heart of the SV is the punchy engine. A 645cc 4-stroke, DOHC, 90°V-twin that loves to rev. 75bhp and 64Nm of torque isn’t a lot in these days of 180bhp sports bikes, but that’s missing the point. Suzuki’s SV is so much fun and the performance is so accessible, you just can’t fight the urge to use it. SV’s have always had a reputation for being a great handling bike and this new model continues that theme. It’s great, flicks easily from side to side and is just so much fun.


The SV-X has clip ons, a funky little cafe racer style headlight cowl and a really cool, tuck and roll seat and different paint. SV’s have always had a reputation for being a great handling bike. 41mm right way up forks are preload adjustable and did a good job on my bike. The rear shock is 7-way adjustable for preload. Front brakes are Tokico twin piston calipers on twin 290mm floating discs with ABS and do a great job. Fast road riding was easy, not too hard or soft and it was a joy to flick from side to side.

Living With It
Suzuki SV650X ABS review

The SV650X mixes a great chassis with usable power, which means that unlike a litre bike, where you rarely get to exploit all that power, with the SV you can wring its neck, laughing all the way to the 14k rpm rev limit, again and again and again. The noise is intoxicating, sounding like a mini MotoGP bike. With a race can this would sound awesome.

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Suzuki has blessed the SV with a lovely gearbox. Under hard acceleration, you don’t need to use the clutch going up the ‘box, the gear change is so sweet and very fast.

The Verdict


Punchy engine
Great chassis


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Snatchy at very low speed
Slightly conservative styling
Suzuki wanted it back


Motorcycle –  Suzuki SV650X
Price – £6,199
MPG – 72.43 mpg (combined)
0-62 – 3.3 seconds
Power – 75 bhp / 64 Nm of torque
Top Speed – 133 mph
Co2 – 91 (g/km)

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