India Willoughby, one of the UK's most visible trans women has slammed Katie Hopkins after suggesting that society was experimenting with trans kids' minds.

India Willoughby, one of the UK’s most visible trans women has slammed Katie Hopkins after suggesting that society is experimenting with trans kids’ minds.

Katie Hopkins was dealt an online blow from fellow former Celebrity Big Brother star, India Willougby, after the controversial former LBC radio presenter / Sun columnist / Mail Online columnist, TV presenter and Apprentice walk out, suggested that parents are the ones who suffer when their trans offspring decide to have surgery.

Hopkins’ comment was in reference to a mother who wrote on Twitter, “A plastic surgeon is removing my dghtr’s (daughter’s) healthy breasts tomorrow & he has been pd (paid) at least $8000CAD to do this. How much $$ will he want in a few years when she decides to reclaim her female body?

Hopkins, wrote back, “It is often mums who suffer when society experiments with kids’ minds

StickerWoman is a hashtag which has been linked to stickers which have been found in various UK cities which state, “Women Don’t Have Penises”.

“No One Is Experimenting”

In a blistering response, Willoughby called Hopkins out on her statement saying, “Bitch. No one is experimenting with kids [sic] minds.

“You’re the sort who says they should go through puberty regardless of who they insist they are.

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“And when they come out on the other side taller, broader, hairier, and unhappy, you’d be the first to point and laugh.

“I repeat. Bitch”.

Hopkins undeterred replied, “I stand with Women do not have penises”.

“No young kid get sex-change surgery”

Willoughby shocked by Hopkin’s “ignorance” explained, “Just as much as you knew who you were, so do trans kids. If kids grow out of it without pressure, great – feel relieved for them! No young kid get sex-change surgery”.

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Before turning her ire to the LGBT+ community stating “I’m mad at LGBT as well though – because they’ve watered T down to nothing”.

Previously, Hopkins caused offence during the previous season of Celebrity Big Brother, in which Willoughby took part, by Tweeting, “I am not transphobic. Live your life how you damn well please. Just don’t ask me to call a castrated man a woman”.

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