We revealed earlier that Aaron Frew has been removed for inappropriate behaviour, it turns out that he was flashing which upset Joel.

According to a statement from the Big Brother producers, Housemate Aaron Frew, 24 from Northampton was in the bedroom with Joel, Nick, Jack, Harriet, Sarah and Danny.

The statement reads:

“Aaron seems drunk and is flashing Joel and being rowdy, often naked.

Despite Joel’s continual requests for him to behave himself, Aaron continues to tease and flash to the amusement of some of the other Housemates.

As a result of his actions, Aaron is ejected from the Big Brother House.”

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Earlier in the series, Joel did admit feelings for Aaron, saying that he could make out with Aaron. However, Joel, 19, has maintained that he is “proudly heterosexual.”

The model and personal shopper took to twitter earlier today to thank Big Brother for his time in the house.

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Aaron managed to stay in the house for 16 days. Watch his eviction in tonight’s episode at 10PM

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