Neighbours Goes Gay… Hurrah

Neighbours has gone all gay on us, and naturally we’re excited as all butter.

Male on male kissing in Neighbours? As a young boy watching the Aussie export, I thought I’d never see the day, but here we are as Nate and Aaron have a tumble in bed.

The steamy scene which aired last week here in the UK, saw characters Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) and Nate Kinski (Meyne Wyatt) share their first kiss on screen, but it wasn’t a private moment. No they did it in front of an audience. They were doing it as part of a promotion stunt for Lassiter’s hotel. In our opinion they should have sold tickets.

So let’s get this straight, put two ridic hot lads into a glass box, give them an audience… and they start kissing? Okay, we need to get the Cube installed in the office.

Woof. Is all we can say.

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Neighbours in on Channel 5 daily

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