Openly bisexual YouTuber Shane Dawson has announced that he’s planning a YouTube version of Big Brother.

The number 1 LGBT YouTuber Shane Dawson has announced this morning that he is fulfilling a lifelong dream by putting together a YouTube version of Big Brother.

In a Tweet aimed at other YouTubers he said,

“Hey Youtubers! if any of u are fans of big brother I wanna put together a Youtuber version and play HARD! fave this tweet if ur down!”


Within an hour the tweet from the 27-year-old had been retweeted over 3200 times. Looks like he’ll need a big house.

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So who might be the contenders?

So who exactly is he planning on allowing in his house? Zoella, the UK YouTuber who has nearly (a million subscribers is hotly anticipated to be involved along with Tyler Oakley, one of the most visible gay YouTubers..

We’re not exactly sure about how Shane will format the show, but however, it is planned it is sure to have more eyeballs on it than any Network TV could muster.

Shane came out to his fans as bisexual in a 15 minute video entitled I’m Bisexual. It has been seen over 5 millions times.