We love it when a company claps back, especially when it’s to someone who thinks there’s too much representation of minority communities. It’s the kind of allyship that our community really needs.

Whoever is controlling Netflix’ official Twitter account has some sass and has managed to put one raging viewer in their place.


It all happened after a user, apparently sick of seeing one too many “unnecessary gay characters” from Netflix, shared a meme demonstrating the force-feeding of gay characters onto audiences.

The Tweet was captioned “every damn series”.

The original tweet, from user @AdamSB___ managed to wake up the anti-gay trolls and unearthed some truly worrying comments from other users agreeing with the original Tweet and using homophobic language. Twitter remains a platform where homophobic is rampant, with thousands of anti-gay slurs used on a weekly basis.


However, the official Netflix account wasn’t having any of it and snapped back, “sorry you have yet to realize that every gay person is very necessary”.

The response from Netflix quickly overtook the original message with love and admiration from users and was retweeted over 53,000 times.

The Walking Dead star, Daniel Newman even responded to the Tweet saying, “Best ever” to Netflix.


Even Amazon’s Prime Video’s account got in on the love in for Netflix

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Corporate allyship that actually matters

Netflix’ response goes beyond slapping a rainbow on a company logo for pride month.

In 2019 we reported how nearly 40 per cent of companies who use the pride flag do not give back or pay forward to any LGBT+ groups, charities or organisations.

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