After writing that we should burn in hell, Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood star Hazel-E is asking for forgiveness.

Hazel E star of the Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood TV show is apparently asking her gay fans to forgive her after saying  “burn in hell just like God said in the bible”!

She made the comment in a comment on her boyfriend’s already homophobic Instagram post, which proclaimed that he said he hoped all gays would die and go to hell.

Why did this all come about? Well, some troll apparently accused her boyfriend, Rose Burgundy of being gay and he was not happy about it. Taking to Instagram he wrote, “You really want to know how I feel about gays so bad well here you go I hope all gays die and go to hell…”

Hazel-E then commented under his post saying, “Burn in hell just like God said in the Bible!”

TMZ gave the star a platform to explain herself and her remarks.

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In a video, she says that she didn’t think her comment was a good idea and that she relied on the LGBT community for supporting her career. She also said that she didn’t mean the entire community – just that one troll.

She said, “OMG, my life this hair, this makeup, this glam, my world would like, fall apart without the LGBT community”

Watch as she asks for forgiveness and then tries to explain her comment away.

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Ermmm… No


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