You may remember Bradley as part of the Duo Bratavio… Well he’s back and proving that he can really sing

Singing Leona Lewis’s “Run” is a challenge for even the most accomplished singer, but former Bratavio singer, Bradley Hunt seems to make light work of the epic ballad, in his latest YouTube video.

His fans were quick to agree that the singer had come along way since his time on X Factor in 2016. When the duo first appeared on the scene in 2016 they caused controversy for judge Louis Walsh, who was bombarded with homophobic comments when he put them through to the live shows, with many dismissing the group as a “novelty act”.

BRADLEY HUNT: Giving it his all on Leona Lewis’ hit “Run” which reached number 1 with in 2008.

In 2017 the pair who were as famous for their costumes as their epic public fall outs, said that they actually recieved the most homophobia from inside the gay communty.

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Speaking on Simon Gross‘s YouTube The Showbiz Show in 2017, the singing duo, revealed the negativity they’ve recieved from the gay community since they left the show.

CREDIT: Thames / Syco Entertainment

The duo said that they never have trouble when they make appearances at straight clubs, but in gay clubs, they say that people snub them and that club-goers shout abuse at them. The pair even fear that they will get pelted with eggs.

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However, since leaving the competition, Bradley hasn’t left music completely, in 2017 he released his rather catchy debut solo single, “Side Dish” which he was forced to clarify was not a dis song against his former partner, Ottavio Columbo.


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