Oscars 2017 will go down in history as probably one of the most awkward ever after the wrong film got called as the “best picture”.

So there was a massive, monumental eff up on the Oscars this year after, it seems, the wrong announcement card was given to Warren Beatty. We wondered why Warren took so long to announce the winner. In the end, it was Faye Dunaway who read out the mistake that La La Land had won “Best Picture”.


The card read: Emma Stone, La La Land, the only problem was that the card was for the earlier category of Best Actress. The actual winner, Moonlight, was supposed to be in that envelope.


Only after the cast and crew of La La Land had done their acceptance speeches was the mistake made clear in one of the most awkward hand overs we’ve ever witnessed.


Warren was forced to announce, “This is not a joke” as he tried to explain the issue.

“I wasn’t trying to be funny,” he told the audience and the millions of viewers at home, as he explained that the duo had been handed the previous winner’s card. “That’s why I looked at Faye for a really long time”.

Anyway, watch it unfold with Twitter moments:

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