So you’ve met this man, you really like him and you want to score yourself a second date. Well, you’re going to have to impress him.

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Here are some ways to impress a man:

Time keeper

On the first date, let’s start with common curtsy: be on time. He’s not going to be impressed if you’re half an hour late because you were doing your hair or choosing what to wear. Leave yourself enough time to get ready and travel to the venue of the date.

Make an effort

Make an effort with your appearance. Looking smart will impress a man far more than looking like you fell out of a skip. Make sure what you wear is appropriate to the venue of your first date. So there’s no need to wear a suit if you’re going to the cinema, but still, make an effort to look your best.


When your date arrives, give him a genuine compliment. We all like receiving a compliment, especially if we’ve made a particular effort to look good. So your date will like this and you are likely to be rewarded by a smile and positive regard.

Confidence is king

Be confident, but not arrogant or cocky. Watch what you say and do. Are you talking about yourself negatively? What does your body language say about you? You need to like yourself and show that you do, before you can expect your date to appreciate, like and fall for you. Remember: you are wonderful and unique. There’s no one else in the world that’s you.

Single focus

While we’re talking about body language, keep your eyes off other guys. Looking at other men will tell your date that you’re not interested in him. Your date should be your focus, so keep your attention focused on him and show this by making regular eye contact.

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Have fun

Don’t forget that you’re on a date. It’s supposed to be fun, so have fun, smile often and make him laugh.

Give And Take

In conversation, you should talk about 50% of the time and listen 50% of the time. Ask your date open questions to discover his interests and passions. Keep conversation light. Avoid emotive topics such as ex-boyfriends and politics.

Be Honest

Always be honest with you date. Trust is built on honesty. If your not honest and things go well, sooner or later he’s going to find out. This doesn’t mean you have to tell him your deepest and darkest secrets on the first date. Save intimate secrets for later on when the relationship has developed. It’s OK to tell him you don’t want do discuss certain subjects until you get to know him better.

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Be You

Being yourself is perhaps the most important advice in this article. Don’t try to be something you’re not. It’s exhausting and won’t lead to you being happy. Any gay man who has tried to play it straight will know this.


Have no expectations about how the date will go or what will happen. That way you won’t disappointed if the spark isn’t there or you don’t get on. But you will be pleasantly surprised if things go well. There are no rules, so just do what feels right.

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