Years and Years frontman Olly Alexander has admitted he has a crush on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Olly Alexander, the Years and Years‘ 24-year-old front man has told E Magazine that he has a crush on the opposition’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking about his political persuasion he also let slip that he finds Mr Corbyn highly fanciable and loves the way the 66-year-0ld politician looks and his get up and get ’em attitude.

Speaking candidly Olly said,

“I’m a real left-winger. I fancy Jeremy Corbyn!”

“Maybe it’s naïve of me to have this romantic political fantasy but I like the way he looks like he’s always about to head off to a march or a protest.”


Mr. Corbyn became Labour’s leader and the leader of the opposition in September 2015 after former leader Ed Miliband resigned from his position following the UK’s general election.

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Olly Alexander broke up with his former boyfriend, Neil Amin-Smith, the 25-year-old violinist with classical-pop hitmakers Clean Bandit in November.

Speaking about the breakup Olly said,

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‘We split up in November. It’s hard to negotiate any relationship at the best of times but then to have this added pressure… It’s just a very weird thing to have a relationship that’s commented on by the world wide web.’

So is Olly single?

 ‘open to suggestions’ and ‘trying not to rush anything’.

Hold us back.

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