Olly Alexander gets personal

So recently, Years and Years singer, Olly Alexander, asked his 534,000 Instagram followers to ask him questions and we learned a few things about him like he once dated a French girl, he’s learning Spanish and his ideal date would involve UFO spotting… but there was another message, which is pretty crucial…

He cares about your balls. And as it’s Movember he was asked about guys checking their balls for lumps and bumps…


He told his fans, “please everybody who’s got balls, please check them after you’ve had a shower or after a bath, if you feel anything that’s out of the ordinary, please go and speak to someone”

Such sage advice. If you’ve not got a GP then use the NHS website to find one local to you and get registered.

So what else did we learn about Olly Alexander during his Ask Me Anything?

Is Olly a spiritual person? Well, it turns out that actually yes. Before becoming a huge pop star Olly’s first job (when he was 14) was working in a shop called Moonstones, and they sold gems and crystals.


The Years and Years lead singer admitted that he can’t grow as moustache!

Is he bookish or a TV fanatic, well, according to the singer, “I love both of those things. I want to have books and TV.

Does Olly Alexander speak other languages?

He speaks a little French and showed of his skills, plus he also revealed that he “loved with a French girl for a bit”. Oh and he speaks a bit of Spanish…


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What's Olly Alexander's perfect date?

Speaking of dating, if you wanted to take Olly Alexander on a date, here’s the things that would really excite him,

  • Going into space
  • Meeting Galadriel
  • Talking about reality TV
  • An extreme assault course or physical challenge
  • playing with cats / dogs or any animals
  • Infiltrating a cult from the inside
  • ufo spotting
  • LARPing under water
  • telekenisis
  • watching reality TV
  • napping.

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