One of the true political allies of the LGBT community is stepping down

One of the true political allies of the LGBT community is stepping down

Caroline Lucas, the co-leader of the Green Party and long-time MP for Brighton has announced that she will not be running for co-leadership of her party again.


One of the UK’s most prominent LGBT+ ally MPs, Caroline Lucas has announced that she won’t seek to be reelected as the Green Party‘s leader in this summer’s leadership vote.

She was the first and only MP for Brighton Pavilion, known as the “gay capital” of the UK.

She currently shares the leadership role with Jon Bartley. She and Bartley took over the leadership position from Natalie Bennett in 2016.

Lucas along with Theresa May, Nicola Sturgeon, Leanne Wood and Arlene Foster made history in the UK at the last General Election when the majority of the major political parties in the UK had a female leader.

Ms Lucas has said that she will be spending more time focusing on her work in Parliament and her constituents in Brighton.

The Green Party’s leadership is voted on once every two years and there was a vote due for this summer.


Ms Lucas has consistently voted for equal LGBT+ rights since she came to office in 2010 and has spoken out against inequality facing the gay community numerous times.

The news of her decision not to run as the leader has been met with backing from well-wishers who support her mission to concentrate on her constituents.