A grassroots online campaign with members of the LGBT+ community supporting Theresa May has been launched.

The Gays4May, campaign supporting Theresa May‘s bid for the top job of Prime Minister told THEGAYUK that they wanted “stability” and someone who would “deliver the best Brexit deal for Britain.”

“We’re like everyone else – we also want stability and someone who’ll deliver the best Brexit deal for Britain.

“May has also got a track record at the Home Office, managing one of the most difficult jobs in government over the last six years, and has consistently backed efforts to deal with hate crime which is a clear concern for LGBT Brits.

“We need to see this work continued with a strong advocate for LGBTs at Number 10.”


Theresa May launched her bid for PM today, saying,

“My pitch is very simple. My name is Theresa May and I think I’m the best person to be PM of this country”


The race for the next Prime Minister was triggered after David Cameron resigned after the UK voted to leave the EU last week.


Speaking about May’s voting history on LGBT issues, a spokesperson for the Gays4May campaign said,

“It’s fair to say Theresa’s been on a journey when it comes to gay rights. This will be familiar to many of us when we consider the reaction and attitudes of our friends and family.

“Theresa’s track record in many ways reflects the country as a whole. We’re fundamentally a tolerant nation. So we can look at the votes of 20 years ago or we can look at her support for gay couples seeking to adopt of 2010, her whole-hearted support for gay marriage of 2013 and her work tackling extremism and promoting equality.

This is a campaign to vote for the candidate and the programme that’s before us today.”


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If she is successful in her bid to become the next leader May will be the second female Prime Minister and the second woman to lead the Conservatives after Margaret Thatcher.

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