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Parents are planning another mass protest outside Birmingham school over LGBT+ classes

Parents from Parkfield Community school are planning a protest outside the school on Thursday over LGBT+ equality classes.

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Parkfield Community Primary school in Birmingham is to become a protest ground for parents who are against the school’s plans to hold No Outsiders classes – a campaign where the ethos is to promote LGBT+ equality, inclusivity and to question transphobia and homophobia in primary schools.

In an interview on Facebook live on the ArunRock community page, one community leader said that there was to be a mass protest outside the school on Thursday and told viewers to attend whether they were parents of children at the school or not.

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On Friday last week, around 600 children were removed by their parents from the school in protest of the No Outsiders lesson.

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The school have said that there are no plans to hold these lesson this term – as it focuses on religious studies for the rest of the term.


A statement from the group reads,


“The majority of parents at Parkfield are extremely unhappy with the fact that no consultation has taken place on the age appropriateness of the material used to teach their children.

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“As a result of this most parents have signed a letter to the governors calling for the immediate abolition of the “No Outsiders” programme.

“As parents we have a right over our children & want to make sure we are consulted what is being taught.”