Parkfield parents in Birmingham plan to protest LGBT+ equality lessons again

Parents of children at Parkfield Primary School are planning another protest outside the school over LGBT+ equality lessons.

It’s a sad state of affairs as parents of children who attend the Parkfield Community School in Birmingham are set to demonstrate outside the school on Thursday morning from 8:20 AM till 9:20 AM, despite an Ofsted report that states that the lessons are age appropriate.

Parents from the school who are apparently 98 per cent Muslim have questioned the age appropriateness of the lessons and argue that they had not been consulted with over the lessons, which have been labelled as “toxic”.

Parents of children at the Parkfield Primary School in Birmingham have said that they will protest outside the school grounds every Thursday until the equality lessons, called No Outsiders, dealing with social issues, including LGBT+ relationships are cancelled permanently.  In reality, the lessons focus on race, religion, gender identity, age and disabilities.

The school is due to provide just five of its No Outsiders lessons for its students over the course of the year.

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A poster, which is advertising’s the protest outside the school is being shared on Facebook.

At the beginning of March around 600 children were removed by their parents in protest to the planned lessons. The school has said that it will continue with the lessons next term.

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