All that glitters...

Tiger King star Joe Exotic is apparently looking into legal actions after he reported that some eBay dealers say they are selling his clothes.

Joe Exotic (or someone who is controlling his Twitter account) has blasted sellers on bidding sites, like eBay, for apparently selling clothes that belong to the Tiger King star.

He warned, “Buyers beware, my clothing are turning up for sale on-site such as eBay etc”,

But the controversial and outspoken star, who is currently serving a prison sentence, warned that he has not authorised the sale of any clothes adding that anything that is for sale with his name attached is fake.

He also told fans that his lawyer was already in the process of taking legal action against anyone selling clothes purportedly belonging to the former Zookeeper and Governor candidate.

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In fact, Joe’s most outrageous clothes are being looked after by his husband, Dillion Passage.

Photos on Joe’s twitter account showed bundles of brightly coloured clothing with the warning, “these pictures are some of my clothes that are with my husband and nothing is for sale at this time”.

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Pretty shady to be selling clothes that aren’t actually authentic… so buyers beware.

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