Is it safe to use poppers after a minor heart attack?

Dear Uncle,

I had a slight heart attack 4yrs ago. I used to like using poppers for sexual stimulation would I be ok to still use them occasionally?


Dear Leatherman,

Poppers… the great marmite of the gay world. Some people love and swear by them, others loathe them and stay clear at all costs.

The problem is and particularly in your case is that they lead to a drop in blood pressure but cause your heart rate to rise, meaning that you’re adding extra pressure to your heart. Now without knowing what medication you’re on it’s impossible to say whether this reaction is safe or not for you.

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Since you’ve already suffered from heart issues, I would exercise caution and would urge you to seek advice from your own GP who knows your circumstances and the medication you’re on to manage your heart condition and whether it will interact with Popper usage.

We asked a GP and he told us,

“Poppers are a form of nitrate, so it’s not advisable to use them if you have a previous heart condition. Particularly as it can interact with some heart medications.

If you are already on nitrate-based medication like isosorbide mononitrate or GTN spray, it’s a definite no-no.

Whatever you do, don’t take Viagra and poppers together as they could lead to huge problems, including death as this doctor warned last year.

Remember the biggest stimulant is your mind. So, instead of reaching for that little bottle to get your rocks off, why not try out something new, play an erotic game or explore what is exciting to you, like an unexplored kink or fantasy.

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We all know that Poppers have long been used to help relax the butthole for anal sex so if that’s your issue, you could always look to using numbing lube or anal training butt plugs to make take that D a little easier.

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