Perez says “Pretend Lesbianism Will Get You Very Far”

Oppps, Perez has been upsetting housemates again after suggesting that Cami Li should go lesbian for ratings.

During a conversation with Cami Li (we’re still not sure who she is…) openly gay celebrity blogger Perez Hilton suggested that Cami could go lesbian to improve her durability in the house saying, “Pretend lesbianism will get you very far with the British public.”

Cami Li is outraged by this suggestions and shouts, “I have self-respect and my family are watching!”

Cami then goes to tell Michelle and Patsy what Perez has suggested and says, “I’m not about to degrade myself, I’m a college graduate.”


Later, Calum talks to Perez in the garden about what he has said to Cami Li and tells him that is might not have been in the best of taste, considering what happened with Jeremy.

As Nadia wasn’t in the room, she asks Perez exactly what he said. He tells her and she says: “That’s disgusting, go and apologise!”

Perez starts to cry and goes to find Cami Li.

Cami Li accepts his apology.

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