Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan has reached out to Sam Smith after using the wrong pronouns for the singer. In a tweet Piers’s referred to Sam as “he”

Piers Morgan was criticising Sam Smith after the star took part in a menswear fashion campaign – after coming out as gender non-conforming last month.

In his original Tweet Piers wrote, “Mr Smith came out as a gay man 5yrs ago, then as non-binary gender neutral 6 weeks ago, now he’s advertising ‘Man’s Concept Menswear’. It’s hard to keep up!”

However, Piers was called out for “misgendering” Sam Smith – with many taking exception to Piers using the pronouns “he”.


Sam Smith asked that people use “they, them and theirs”.


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Piers offered an apology directly to Smith saying,

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“CORRECTION: ‘their’ & ‘they’. My sincere apologies to @samsmith for misgendering him as male after he advertised ‘Man’s Concept Menswear.’

However, Piers still used “him” and “he”.

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Sam Smith hasn’t replied to the Tweet.

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