Parsons, the New School for Design announced that it has cancelled a number of discussions to be held by openly gay designer John Galliano.

The school received a number of complaints with regards to Galliano after it announced that the designer would be teaching a master class and was even sent a petition against the classes which amassed over 2000 signatures.

The Gibraltar-born designer, once considered one of the most talented names in fashion is making a comeback after he was fired by Dior in 2011 for allegedly making anti-Semitic remarks on camera in a Parisian cafe.


Galliano, 52, cited an addiction to drugs and alcohol as the cause for his out of control behaviour and that he was determined to make amends.

In a statement released to the press, Deborah Kirschner, a spokeswoman for the school, said,

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“We could not reach consensus with Mr. Galliano on the conditions of this conversation, and the program could not move forward.”

The New York Times is reporting that a source close to the school said that the classes were cancelled because, ‘the size and the makeup of the audience that had been debated between the school and the designer. An agreement between them had never been finalized.’

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