‘Geoff And His Two Dads’ Book Aims To Help It Gets Better Project

In what is believed to be the first of its kind, Wompi Studios have released their first Book App.

Geoff and his two dads

The Book App, entitled “Geoff and His Two Dads in… Tomato Trouble”, follows the lives of a disabled dog called Geoff, and his two fathers and it’s based on a real family.

Geoff is a Jack Russell Terrier, who had a life saving operation a couple of years ago, which meant he lost the use of his back legs.

The App Book, written by Adam Davies, is aimed at young children and their parents to help deliver a subtle little message.

Geoff and his two dads

App features include: 26 pages of full color original illustrations, interactive animated characters and scenery, highlighted read along text, narration, original music and adjustable audio levels.

A statement on the official website www.geoffandhistwodads.com reads, ‘We are so proud of the final result and the incredible amount of work that Jeff Wannberg from Wompi Studios has put into the finished product. Of course we are biased but we think the illustrations by Tanya Cooper are absolutely beautiful and the work by Victor Anderson, our app coder, magnificent!’

Geoff and his two dads

Wompi Studios are also donating a proportion of sales of ‘Geoff and His Two Dads’ to the It Gets Better Project

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You can download the App Book from here


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