Having a Rory Hutton bow tie will elevate your placing in society to the likes of a well respected art critic or fashion connoisseur.

It has been such a long time since I last wore a bow tie. In fact I think I was 6 years old and sported it with a pair of dungarees and shirt. How did I loose my way from the cool 6 year old at school to the badly dressed man I am today? Well not anymore.


If ever you needed an excuse to get dressed up then here it is. These beautiful hand crafted bow ties made from fine linen and printed with a whole range of quirky designs are guaranteed to draw the attention of many an admirer like they’re on a day trip to the Tate. Some plain, some obscure and some royal but all will be intrigued. The designer Rory Hutton is clearly a man of humour, great taste, and quintessentially British! What other company in the World would put a white bumble bee on a tartan bow? I can feel myself starting a collection here and with the run up to Christmas starting I have already started the list! A must have essential for any wardrobe so go buy yourself a plain shirt and let the bow tie do all the talking.


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