Juice your way to a stronger boner.

CREDIT: Jordan Lohan

Serves 2 | Prep 5 minutes

Blueberries – literally little blue “pills”! Lowering cholesterol improving blood flow & circulation, leading to harder erections.

Beetroot– contains boron, an aphrodisiac and booster of sexual stamina.

Almonds (whole & milk)- high in Arginine. Good fats for blood flow & production of testosterone as well as Zinc for men’s hormones & libido.

Bananas– rich in Manganese/Magnesium which are essential for the optimum prostate. Also contains Bromelain, a strong hormone regulator and increaser of libido.

Coconut Water– the “fluid of life” – hydrating, cooling and is said to be able to replenish our reproductive systems.

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Raw Cacao Powder– contains Phenylethylamine, a stimulant which is usually produced naturally within the body during moments of arousal.

Maca– Utilised widely for balancing hormones and increasing endurance.

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250ml unsweetened almond milk
250ml coconut water
10 almonds
150g blueberries
150g cooked beetroot
2 bananas, sliced & frozen (I keep sliced bananas in the freezer ready)
1 tbsp raw cacao powder
½ tbsp maca root

1. Place all ingredients into a blender, and blend. Top up with coconut water if consistency is too thick for you. Serve.

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