REVEALED: This is what to should do if you don’t find someone attractive on a dating app

In an exclusive poll by THEGAYUK, lots of people say they just want to hear the truth…

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What do you do when someone you’re not interested in, messages you on a hookup app like Grindr? Do you ignore, block or tell them truthfully that you’re just not into them? Trouble is, it’s quite difficult to be truthful to someone about your lack of attraction to them, without coming off rude.

Well according to our research users of dating apps would prefer that you told them directly that they aren’t your type. In fact, overwhelmingly, 68 per cent of us would, apparently prefer to know the truth.

Twenty-five per cent would prefer to just be ignored and the other seven per cent said that they’d be happy to just be blocked.

How do we actually react?

However, in contrast, when asked how people actually react when someone they don’t fancy hits them up on a dating app, most people admitted that they just tend to ignore or just block. Only around 44 per cent of guys say they are actually truthful and tell the other person that they’re not interested.

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What’s the best way to tell someone you’re not interested?

What's the best way to tell someone you're not interested on a dating up

We asked our readership on Facebook what the best way of letting someone down. Jonathan told us, ” Imagine that it is you who is being rejected. Speak to them as you would like to be spoken to”

Whereas, Robert kept it nice and simple saying “Not my type, sorry fella”.

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Gaz revealed that he’d write, “Hi, thanks for dropping me a message. Great profile but don’t think we are a match. Gaz”

Billy suggest that typing, “Politely say sorry I’m not interested we are looking for different things” might be the politest way of letting someone down gently.

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