Decoding 420 - if you see "420" in someone's dating profile, here is what it means.

If you come across a guy’s profile and it says he’s into 420, it means that he’s into getting high with cannabis (weed, pot, grass). This is quite popular amongst some gay and bi men as it relaxes and heightens sensitivity throughout the whole experience. It can reduce stress, which is also great for those who have anxiety-related erectile dysfunction.

However, you have to pick the right weed if you’re planning to have sex. Sativa products, those products which are made from the Cannabis sativa plant are considered better by some because they can help lift your mood, heighten your sensitivity and intensify orgasm, however, some people have suggested that it can make your mind wander. Some users suggest Indica for “mind-blowing” sex.

What does 420 mean?

Some cannabis strains or more powerful drugs like skunk will leave you too relaxed to get much done, or you may find it impossible to concentrate, climax or perform.

As with most drugs, cannabis and the various strains will affect different people in different ways.

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Advice from TalkToFrank suggests, “…only take cannabis when you’re feeling happy and relaxed, in a safe environment, and with people you’re comfortable with”.

And again with the lube


Don’t forget to use lots of lube and if you’re looking for a way to relax during sex and don’t quite fancy the idea of smoking weed or taking an edible, why not try CDB lube. CBD is legal in the UK and could be a great way to relax.

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Remember, depending on how you take cannabis, the effects can take a while to subside. Effects can last from 10 minutes to an hour if you smoke weed. Ingesting cannabis through an edible could take between two and four hours, according to TalkToFrank.

Don’t forget as with any sex and drug-taking to use lube and if you’re not sure about your partner’s sexual health status, use condoms. To stop the passing on HIV you might want to use PrEP as well.

Cannabis is still illegal in the UK and is classified as a Class B drug – which means it is illegal to have for yourself, give away or sell.

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If you’re wanting to talk to someone about addiction or have an issue with your or your partner’s drug usage you can reach out to TalkToFrank for more information.

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