A theatrical fundraiser which aims to tackle homophobia in Russian is to take place on Sunday 27th October 2013.

Date: Sunday 27th October 2013. Time: 6.00pm
Place: Marylebone Gardens, 35 Marylebone High Street, London W1U 4QA. Nearest Tubes: Regents Park, Baker Street
Tickets: £20. Tickets available fromhttp://www.ticketsource.co.uk/event/44289
You are invited to an evening of secret assignations, deserted hallways, snatched whispers over the samovar, the ache of a love unspoken, and the ecstasy of finally making your declaration, against the odds. And maybe even find a new love of your own…
Passion, betrayal, romance, yearnings, and most importantly, hope. It is an evening about love, and no-one does love quite like the Russians…
From Russia, For Love is curated by Culturcated Theatre Company, and hosted by Lab Collective and Half Cut Theatre Companies at Marylebone Gardens. The performance will raise money for those groups working to combat homophobia in Russia, including Stonewall and the Russian LGBT Network.


Culturcated Theatre Company has invited theatre companies, directors, performers, designers and musicians to contribute to the evening. They will create a promenade style performance, where audiences can wander at will through many rooms, and discover all kinds of scenes and moments. These will be:
– originally by Russian writers

– all about Love

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– played by actors of the same sex
Plays, short stories, novels, poetry…some of the greatest work about love has been written by Russian authors. Our contributors will be creative, bold and adventurous – and surprising! There will be plenty of live music and a party atmosphere.
Expect to have your heart broken, and mended, many times over the course of the evening. It will be the best of Russia, showcased for the best of causes.

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