I settled back into the chair of the relaxing treatment room at Hari’s in central London, ready to let world renowned Debbie Thomas do her best.

It’s true, I’m not looking any younger and what with the winter weather, the parties and a hectic work schedule, I was ready for anything to change the aging that was creeping up on me and my face with a ferocious pace.

I had been told about Skinbreeze’s new No Tox facial treatment and I was sceptical about how the results would turn out. The bumpf promises ‘amazing anti-ageing results without the use of neurotoxin injectables’, which sounds just about perfect.

Skinbreeze has been launched as an organic and natural solution for those looking for some anti-ageing goodness and it does this by means of a cutting-edge new skin-resurfacing system, LED light therapy, a high pressure 02 infusion and a rejuvenating serum – containing neuropeptides.

The treatment takes around an hour – and your face feels completely relaxed by the time you’re through, Debbie has the hands of a facial goddess. If you’ve had Dermabrasion treatments before, this procedure feels much kinder and much less harsh. The skin feels massaged and thoroughly cleansed.

But what you want to hear about is the results – you can read about the treatment below, but what we’re after is the results – am I right?

Well for the first day or so, I was disappointed with my reflection in the mirror, I felt I still looked tired and puffy, so slightly huffy so I chalked up the treatment as ‘feels lovely – achieves nothing’, but on the second day around about 36-48 hours after the treatment – the compliments came pouring in. I mean that honestly. Even my mother questioned what I had done – and told me to keep doing it as it, vicariously made her younger.

I was incredibly happy with the results and even up to four weeks later, keeping in mind the change of the weather and party season, people are still asking if I’ve ‘been freshed up’. Of course Skinbreeze is our little secret, so shhhh, keep this one under wraps otherwise everyone will look years younger again.

To book treatment with Debbie call: 020 7581 5211, or email info@debbiethomas.co.uk

For more info about Skinbreeze call: 0845 208 0220

Step 1 – Orbital Dermabrasion and LED Light Therapy

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First part of the treatment is a gentle orbital dermabrasion system. It uses replaceable tips coated with silicon carbide in three levels of coarseness to massage and gently exfoliate the surface of the skin. Unlike most other dermabrasion systems Skinbreeze doesn’t use harsh crystals, which can painfully “sandblast” the skin’s surface.The dermabrasion tips can be set to rotate on an elliptical axis at 20 different speeds to remove imperfections and impurities. Simultaneous mechanical vibrations massage the skin, making the procedure a more comfortable experience. In addition blue and red light therapy is used simultaneously to stimulate and plump the new tissue underneath.


Step 2 – 0xygen Infusion

A powerful high pressure O2 infusion delivers the Skinbreeze serum to the skin to visibly plump out lines and increase firmness.The 02 infusion propels the active Skinbreeze serums deep into the lower layers of the dermis substantially increasing the volume of the skin, plumping and smoothing lines and wrinkles providing a painless and needle-free alternative to dermal fillers.An air-powered spray gun is then used to deliver an even application of active serum ingredients in a fine mist across the treatment area to hydrate and gently refresh and calm sensitive and sun-damaged skin.


Step 3 – Hydro Mask

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The treatment is then finished with a Skinbreeze Hydro Mask that is left on the face for 20 minutes. The orbital ebrasor then massages the face over the mask in a circular motion, moving outwards towards the lymph nodes to drain any puffiness in the face.


Skinbreeze Serums

The Skinbreeze skincare product serums boast a unique scientific formula. The key active ingredients are neuropeptides (which inhibit muscle contractions thus reducing wrinkles and lines), and hyaluronic acid, which provides amazing levels of hydration. There are two key anti-ageing serums – Rejuvenation (general anti-ageing), Wrinkle Filler (combats fine lines and wrinkles). The Skinbreeze range also includes a transparent gel Hydro Mask, Blemish Fix, and Stretch Mark Cream.

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