Robert Webb is probably better known as one half of the comic duo Mitchell and Webb, famous for their hit show Peepshow, however Webb is now stepping out and appearing on the BBC flag show Strictly Come Dancing, but what do we know about him. Is he gay, straight and is he married or single?

Is Robert Webb gay or straight and is he married?

It doesn’t seem has though Robert Webb is gay. He’s been married to his wife, Abigail Burdess since 2006. His comic partner David Mitchell was the best man at their wedding. However since his wedding he has spoken openly about same-sex experiences, earlier in his life, in his book How Not To Be A Boy.

Together Webb and Burdess have two daughters from their marriage and they all live in Kilburn, London, UK.

Is Robert Webb bisexual?

In Webb’s book How Not To Be A Boy, which was released in 2017, he spoke candidly about same-sex experiences, which means that he could be bisexual, however clarifying the revelation in his book, he identifies as “basically heterosexual” – however he’s definitely not ashamed of his bisexual past. He wrote in a tweet that he “certainly not ashamed but trying to be accurate” after his “basically heterosexual comment”.

What does Robert Webb think about the LGBT+ community?

In 2018 Webb came under intense scrutiny for a comment he made about the transgender charity Mermaids, which he said “sucks” in a, now deleted tweet that he later suggested that caused him “real-life professional consequences” – after a sustained Twitter firestorm by transgender activists. The criticism of Mermaids came after it was revealed that they were to receive a £500,000 grant from the National Lottery fund.

He wrote a Tweet that said that he supported actions by some in the LGB community, including Julie Bindel and the controversial columnist Janice Turner that went against the charity’s work.

He wrote, “This won’t make me popular in certain quarters but fuck it – I’m with Janice and I don’t say it often enough… I’ve talked to some really nice trans people here and they have my solidarity if they want it. But Mermaids sucks.”

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How does he feel about starring in Strictly?

Speaking about his upcoming appearance in Strictly, Webb said, “I am ludicrously excited to be taking part in Strictly this year. It’s a big, generous, joyful show and I can’t wait to get packed into a spandex onesie and fired from a glitter cannon directly at Claudia Winkleman. At least I think that’s what happens. My goal is to try and survive from week to week without causing serious injury to myself or innocent bystanders. I know it’s going to be a challenge. To do well in this competition is a test of character, although mainly it’s a test of dancing.”

How tall is Robert Webb?

Robert Webb’s height is reported to be approximately 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm). Please note that this information may have changed since then, so you may want to verify his current height from a reliable source for the most up-to-date information.

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