Sainsbury‘s has a long history of speaking out on social issues, including and during Pride season, but for Black History Month, it’s gone a step further, by telling anyone who doesn’t support their inclusive approach can “shop elsewhere”.

The retail giant has swapped out its Pride logo and replaced it with an equally colourful logo for Black History Month. Black History Month runs in the UK for the whole of October. In the US and around the globe October is actually LGBT+ History Month.


Posting on social media, Sainsbury’s wrote a thread to communicate how inclusive and diverse they are aiming to be as a company, saying,

“We are proud to celebrate Black History Month together with our Black colleagues, customers and communities and we ill not tolerate racism.

“We proudly represent and serve our diverse society and anyone who does not want to shop with an inclusive retailer is welcome to shop elsewhere.”

Of course, the thread attracted a wide range of comments. Many people took issue with the tone of the retailer’s message, with one writing “How bloody rude! As a long time customer and a loyal customer, I find your tone extremely offensive”

Another added, “You have just lost my custom”


Another moaned, “Many thanks for the offensive tweet. I will certainly take your advice and shop elsewhere in future. I would also recommend anyone who like their personal freedoms and does not wish to be preached at by some jumped up shopkeeper to do the same. Bye Bye Sainsbury.”

Others asked when “white history month” was. An argument which is often heard when talking about the importance of the pride movement.

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“Anyone offended by this post clearly harbours racist views”

However many people praised Sainsbury’s stance with one confirmed their devotion to the retailer saying “I shop at Sainsbury’s anyway but this just confirms my choice.”

Writer, speaker and Young Women’s Trust ambassador, Toni Tone said, “So happy to see Sainsbury’s speaking up for what’s right. Anyone offended by this post clearly harbours racist views.”

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